No Drama Corn off the Cob

All right, I admit it.  I am not a fan of corn on the cob. 

Not Pretty

Not Pretty

First of all, preparing it can be an enormous pain in the neck starting with heating up your kitchen in the middle of summer with all that boiling water.  Next,  the corn cobs have to be buttered immediately, while they’re still hot  –  a slippery, greasy 3rd-degree-burn-inducing affair.  Then, drenched in sweat from your sweltering kitchen, you have to somehow try to eat the damn things.  While living in constant fear of cracking your expensive and uninsured dental work, corn stuck between your teeth and butter dripping down your chin you become a gnashing gnawing  corn gobblin’ butter drenched beast.  Honestly, one row and I’ve had it.  It’s just all too much.  And afterwards, there’s your plate, unattractively littered with the half gnawed bones of your destruction. 

Here's an idea for what to do with your used corn cobs!

Here's an idea for what to do with your used corn cobs!

People do insist on having their fresh corn, though.  So I was very pleased a few years ago to see Ina Garten’s (The Barefoot Contessa’s) neat little solution: cut the corn off the cobs in advance, then when you’re almost ready to sit down to dinner sautee it in a little butter, salt and pepper.   Serve it with sliced tomatoes as a side dish to a classic summer entree like barbecued chicken – great with a medium bodied and slightly fruity red wine.  Try first vine’s Les Secrets du Château Palvié, now 20% off at $17.60/bottle! 



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