First Vine tastings 7/31 and 8/1

Friday, July 31, 6-8 pm, at Artfully Paper in Del Ray

Our Virginia friends complain we neglect them because we haven’t done tastings in Virginia so far.  So this is a small step toward rectifying the situation.  Eric and Edward, owners of Artfully Paper and Artfully Chocolate, have invited us to join their Christmas in July celebration and we’re bringing four summery wines, including our ever-popular demi-sec sparkling white from Gaillac, the Domaine la Croix des Marchands Methode Gaillacoise.  It pairs beautifully with chocolate, and lucky for us, there’ll be plenty of chocolate there too.  Some come check it out at 2007 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria.


Saturday, August 1, 4-6 pm at Greater Goods

You may have noticed we spend a lot of time talking about the relative eco-friendliness of our wines.  But it’s true — the wine authorities in France prohibit the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers and also don’t allow any irrigation if the winemakers want to use the authorities’ designations of wine quality.  This is true even if the wines aren’t  labeled as organic or biodynamic.  And there’s more:  It also turns out that the carbon footprint of transporting French wines to the east coast is less than bringing California wines here by truck.  So while the wines aren’t as eco-friendly as tap water, they’re a good, sustainable product that you can enjoy without too much guilt (after all, we imagine you have enough sources of guilt in your life already!)

So come and try some of our fabulous eco-friendly wines at Greater Goods, the store with ecological and energy-efficient solutions for everything in your home (and some things outside of it as well).  It’s at 1626 U St. NW in DC, and we’re there as part of the Dog Days of Summer — expect some bargains all over the area!

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