Countdown to Turkey Day: DC Farmer’s Markets Round Up

Safeway got you down?  Does Giant work your last nerve?  Whole Foods wear you out?  Me too.  Where is the romance (not to mention the dirt)? 

So blow them off and really get in the Thanksgiving spirit – bundle up this weekend and hit one of DC’s fabulous farmers’ markets!  Buy all your Thanksgiving goodies fresh off the farm, then check out to order all your holiday wines (we’ll even deliver the wine to your door if you’re in DC).

To help with your planning, here’s part of an announcement I received from Robin Shuster on behalf of the 14&U Farmers’ Market and Bloomingdale Farmers’ markets.  This is a great overview of ingredients (with lots of helpful suggestions about preparation) that are currently in season and available at not only 14&U/Bloomingdale but also at FRESHFARM Markets this weekend (H Street, Dupont Circle):

*Greens to braise and saute and stir fry: collards, kales, spinach, chard, mustards, turnip, bok choy mizuna and other asian greens
*carrots (roast them in olive oil and rosemary), kohlrabi, sunchokes
*Salads, lettuce mixes, arugula, mesclun
*Brussels sprouts to bake and saute (DON’T boil them! )
*Green and fractal Romanesco Broccoli
*Green, Red and Cheddar Cheese Orange Cauliflower. (Think Scallops and roasted cauliflower.)
*Red, white, Napa and Savoy Cabbages– sweet, baby bok choy to stir-fry with garlic.
* Old Fashioned Sweet Potatoes — red and white –Slice, roast and sprinkle with salt, cumin and lime… or mash them with butter and a drop of soy sauce.
*Potatoes (red, white and Yukon Gold) to bake, boil or mash
*Beets and baby beets with their greens
*Winter Squash: Butternut, Acorn, Carnival, Spaghetti, kabocha, kuri.–varieties to mash, puree, roast or make into soup
*Red and White onions — sweet and spicy
*Loose Pork (maple, sage, ground country) sausages to season your stuffing. Bacon, too.
Beef Sausages for stuffing!
*20 varieties of APPLES to eat, saute, bake or make into apple sauce or pies including Honeycrisp, Gala, Goldrush, Fuji, Nittany, Stayman, Idared, York…..
*Pears inspire Cakes, Crisps, Cobbler. My fave: Elegant POACHED Pears in red wine, honey & star anise.
*Fresh herbs for every dish.
*Turnips or daikons to braise in butter or roast or mash.
*Free range Eggs
*Kuhn and McCleaf and Reid Ciders to mull with spices or use it to brine your turkey. (Or freeze for later)
*Grass-range Turkeys at Truck Patch
*Stefano’s jams make great dinner party gifts….
*Pheasant Tortellini with butternut squash puree if you are looking for an unusual Thanksgiving appetizer.
*And even some tomatoes that the farmers harvested and put in their barns to ripen slowly
*LARGE Winter Squash; pie pumpkins.
*Chestnuts for Stuffing
*Breads & Bags of bread cubes for stuffing! They all freeze beautifully.
*Keswick Yogurt to drizzle on your squash soup.
*Keswick quark and ricotta for your pumpkin cheesecake…
*Cherry Glen and Keswick aged raw milk, award winning Cheeses to serve with apples and pears….

Nov 21/22 Pre Thanksgiving Weekend DC Market Schedule:

14th and U Market – 14TH AND U STREETS NW: 9AM – 1PM

H Street Market – H AND 6TH STREETS NE: 9AM – 1PM

Bloomingdale Farmers’ market –  First and R Streets NW: 10AM – 2PM

DuPont Circle Farmers’ Market: 20th & Mass Ave NW: 9AM – 1PM

Happy Thanksgiving!


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