Late Spring Plenty at DC Farmers’ Markets!

Our friend Robin Shuster,  of the Bloomingdale and U Street Farmers’ Markets, sent us another one of her mouth watering previews of what we can expect to find at our local markets over the coming weeks.  The Bloomingdale Market is held on Sundays from 10 – 2 at First and R Streets, NW and well worth checking out.  You can also find many of the same (and similar) producers at the other area farmers’ markets.

Full Swing Spring

Robin’s market previews are very informal but so well done – we thank her for allowing us to republish in its entirety:

“Summer produce is already starting!  Rain or Shine or Even Thunderstorms we will be open….. and it is dry under the tents. 
New this month:
  • Shelled English Peas  and New Potatoes– come early! (Great salad, steamed, add chopped  mint and chives)
  • Squash Blossoms
  • Baby Summer squash
  •  Baby Beets and their delicious greens
  • Baby Carrots
  • Arrow Cabbage
  • Multi-colored young turnips
  • Red and White Spring Onions– make pesto from the greens
  • Sample New Asbury Lamb  sausages at their stand
  • Keswick’s beer washed cheeses — more varieties and more quantities.
  • Dolcezza Strawberry Pernod Sorbet
  • Chez Hareg’s Vegan and Traditional  local Strawberry Tarts with Vegan Custard, cupcakes, cookies
  • Squash Bread and Nancy’s Farm Style Wheat Bread at Snow Bear
  • Lots of pork, beef, veal, lamb, goat
  • ROMAINE lettuce you don’t have to worry about eating!
Truck Patch Farms:   Asparagus, of course.  Strawberries –  both Chandlers and  my personal faves — Early Glows.   Arugula, Spring Mix, Lettuces, Red Chard,  curly kale,, chives, garlic chives, tarragon, mint.  EGGS EGGS EGGS.
For the carnivores: grass-fed Black Angus  beef, pastured pork of all cuts and sizes and sausages.
Keswick:  Did  you taste their new Tommerator last week?  Mark is bringing more of these beer-washed cheeses….. just for us.  More types, more quantity.  People went wild for them last week and they ran out.
Plus their old favorites:   Yogurt with herbs (or chopped spring onions) makes a great sauce for grilled foods and Keswick’s is my all time favorite. —   Stefano says their Ricotta is the real Italian kind –he loves it and uses it in his stuffed ravioli and Dolcezza in their Lemon Cardamom Ricotta  Gelato.   Cheddar, Wallaby, Lesher, Vermeer, Fetas.  Bovre, German style Quark and…..chocolate  pudding.
Dolcezza’s Strawberry Pernod Sorbet, Strawberry and Cream Gelato,  Valrhona Chocolate Amargo, Thai Coconut Milk.  Espresso Black Cat.  Lemon Ricotta Cardamom.  Honey Tangerine sorbet.  Mojito. Just a few of their flavors.
Chez Hareg’s new Vegan and Classic sweets:  Local Strawberry tart with Vegan Custard, Cupcakes, Cookies, Buttery Croissants
Snow Bear: Certified Naturally grown, an organic certification for small farmers.   baby carrots and beets  (grate them together and toss with mint and chives), my favorite cabbage.  ROMAINE lettuce you don’t have to fear eating.  Don’t give up Romaine, just buy it from the farmers .  Mixed greens, spicy and not.  Arugula, Mizuna. Tat soi. Scallons, Purple Osaka, Yukina Savoy Mustards.  Red Russiand and Dinosaur kale. Red, yellow white Chards.  Broccoli Rabe.  Lots of herbs and plants for  your garden.
Try Nancy’s new farm style Whole Wheat bread.  It flew off their table last week.  Squash bread, too
Stefano Frigiero’s Copper Pot fabulous Pastas this week:  Handmade pastas of course.   Rabbit ravioli, prosciutto tortellini, beets and goat cheese ravioli, sausage and sage ravioli, gluten free tagliolini,  spelt  tagliolini, cavatelli, gnocchi, spaghett.  Jams with attitude: strawberries and vanilla, figs and balsamic, blackberries and ginger, peach and prosecco, and apple jam.  Sauces:  smokey bacon and parmesan sauce, tomato, and shallots and barolo.
Painted Hand Farm from Pennsylvania will have lots of pastured eggs, for egg salads.  Looking for burgers:  beef, goat or veal here.  Very humanely raised, grass-fed ROSE veal and goat meat. All cuts: shanks, chops, ground, veal scaloppini (a thin cutlet), breakfast link goat sausage.
Garner:  Shelled  English Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, New Potatoes.  Baby Summer Squash. Asparagus and strawberries.  Beets, lettuces, romaine, red and white spring onions, radishes, Bright Lights multi colored Chards, Lacinato Kale,  White and red turnips. arugula, turnip greens. Kohlrabi.   Plants for your garden, flowers, herbs.
Tip: The baby new potatoes are so young and tender that you can steam them in just three minutes for your picnics.   Toss with steamed shelled peas,  olive oil and fresh herbs.  Or with Keswick Yogurt and herbs.  Perfect.
Reid: Strawberries including the sweet Earliglows.  Apples. apple sauce, apple butter.  Herb gardens you can put on your deck or patio and clip as you need them, lettuce gardens that will last for weeks, heirloom tomatoes, red & green sweet pepper plants, red & yellow sweet Italian heirloom stuffing peppers, some hot peppers, “Titan” sunflowers with edible heads, heirloom crookneck squash plants, heirloom zucchini plants (white and green), pattypan plants, broccoli plants, and arugula plants. Pesticide-free herbs: basil, catnip, chives, cilantro, dill, 9 kinds of lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, mint, oregano, parsley and chervil (including Gig, 8 kinds of rosemary, green & purple sage, summer & winter savory, french tarragon, 10 different thymes for culinary or landscaping uses.
The parsley is the “Gigante” variety straight from Italy, a vigorous flat-leaf people have been clamoring for .
Panorama:  croissants, muffins, baguettes, rolls, whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel…sandwich breads and boules.  More than 20 varieties.”
How’s that for making you run for your shopping basket?  I’m going to try the steamed baby new potatoes with Keswick yogurt mixed with chopped dill and a little salt and white pepper.   Keswick also has some great handmade sausages and chops to grill and serve with the new potatoes (if you miss them at Bloomingdale, they are also at the H Street market on Saturdays) .  Try this combo with  First Vine’s Château de Clapier Calligrappe Red ($11).  The Calligrappe is a medium-bodied red that stands up well to spicier foods. Because of its higher Grenache content than the typical Cotes du Rhone red, it is also a bit earthier.
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