Entertaining and Other Natural Disasters

Last week, for me, was characterized by a (hopefully) once in a lifetime Holy Trinity of natural disasters : Earthquake, Hurricane and Entertaining.

OMG! You *can’t* expect me to cook under these circumstances!

I’d been planning for weeks to host a series of fashion trunk show/wine tasting get-togethers.  The RSVPs were in, wine was ordered, house was clean, and 4 racks of the new fall clothing set from W by Worth were on display and ready for their close up. All that was left to do was to prepare the food – then the Earthquake Struck.  And, really, who can cook when the kitchen’s shaking?

One possible hazard of cooking during an earthquake

Luckily, my neighbor Mariana came to the rescue with 4 dozen homemade empanadas.  In case you are not familiar, empanadas are Latin American pastries that can be filled with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit.  They are a perfect party food since eating them doesn’t require dipping, cutting, spearing or any other sort of bothersome physical exertion.  They can also be eaten warm from the oven or at room temperature.

Sure, you could make your own.  But if you’re in DC you’re better off contacting Mariana of Conce Empanadas!  You can reach her at 202.352.5834, or conce.empanadas@gmail.com.

The wine you pair with them would depend on the filling you ordered.  I ordered an assortment of chicken, spinach, beef and pork.  I served them with our Cave la Vinsobraise Ambre 2008 ($12).  Ambre is made from 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah. Light-bodied, but it’s got an intriguing light fruitiness that you don’t find in the other Vinsobraise cru reds. That makes it a great aperitif on its own as well as pairing with red-wine foods, both simple and elegant.  And, for the white wine lovers, we also poured Cave la Romaine Délice ($10).  Délice is a white wine made from White Grenache, Clairette, and Bourboulenc. Cave la Romaine started producing Ventoux white wines in 2007, because of the high quality of grapes in the harvest, and has continued through 2009. It’s a light-bodied white, with citrus, light white fruits, a little bit of a floral character too, but dry. Truly a delight!


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2 Responses to Entertaining and Other Natural Disasters

  1. karen says:

    Are those schnyder’s prices? I’m hoping for a similar pairing of wine and empanadas at a party next weekend and I’m liking your prices.

    • firstvine says:

      Hi Karen , Schneiders does not carry our wines. We are the sole US importers for virtually all the wines we carry. Then , as a Wash DC importer/retailer, we sell our wines and deliver directly to Wash DC delivery addresses. All transactions are done online: http://www.firstvine.com. If you are interested in the particular wines we served at our empanada party, just click on the links in the blog post and order away! We will contact you to arrange delivery (free to DC with anybody order over 6 bottles)! cheers!

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