Occasional Cookbook Review — The Well-Seasoned Kitchen

Lauren DeSantis, host and producer of Capital Cooking, asked Tom to review cookbooks and books about food for her site.  Here’s the first one.  The book, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen, by mother and daughter Sally Clayton and Lee Clayton Roper is a loving tribute to Sally, who was a good cook and great entertainer.   Lee got the idea to write the book when Sally began losing her memory, and the process of writing and cooking was a way for them to spend time together doing familiar things.  Along with the review, Tom adapted and included a recipe from the book: Turkey and Spinach Enchiladas (yet another use for your leftover Thanksgiving turkey).  Try the enchiladas with Cuvee des Templiers Red ($10), a wine that’s easy on your budget after Black Friday.  It’s a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Cinsault, a light-bodied red with a little fruit, spice, and earthiness that won’t leave you thinking you just ate another big meal.

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