A numbers game — answer to our wine quiz

In my last post I posed the question why I had chosen the name, “Ma in Ispagna son gia…tre.”  The line is from Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni.”  In the first act, the Don’s manservant, Leporello, is trying to get one of the women the Don seduced and abandoned to (basically) stop whining and leave him alone.  He explains to the woman, Donna Elvira, that she is just one in a long line of conquests, and takes out a “not small” book listing them all to show her (you can see the text and translation here):

“In Italy, six-hundred forty;

In Germany, two-hundred thirty-one;

One hundred in France; in Turkey, ninety-one;

But in Spain…but in Spain there are already one thousand and three!”

With our two new producers, first vine now has three Spanish wine producers.  So I shortened the line from mille e tre (1,003) to just tre (3) for the title of the blog post introducing some of our new Spanish wines.  Congratulations to the winners, who each got two bottles of Bodega Hiriart wine for guessing correctly.

Here’s my favorite rendition of the so-called Catalogue Aria, a concert performance by bass Erwin Schrott.  It was part of a gala concert honoring Spanish tenor Placido Domingo. Schrott (who usually sings Don Giovanni and not Leporello) “reads” the list of conquests from the gala program with Domingo’s photo on the cover (complete with putting on his reading glasses and facial expressions of admiration for the big numbers).

Erwin Schrott as Don Giovanni, with Ana Maria Martinez as Donna Elivra in a production at Covent Garden in 2007. The New York Times critic had nice things to say about Schrott’s voice, and much more about the way he looked.

I like this version for two reasons:  first, Schrott is tacitly (or not-so-tacitly) addressing the rumors of Domingo’s own womanizing, which have been floating around for years.  And second, Schrott is smokin’ hot.  In opera, we often have to make allowances for less-than-ideal physical attractiveness (hence the term “opera hot” as opposed to just plain hot).  Not so with Erwin Schrott.  Sometimes it’s nice to see a production of Don Giovanni and not have to imagine why all the women on stage fall for him.   (Voice is “everything” in opera, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some of the other aesthetics, now does it?)



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One Response to A numbers game — answer to our wine quiz

  1. Sue says:

    So interesting. That’s funny about “opera hot” versus regular hot. I just heard an ER nurse say the same thing on one of those real life hospital shows. A guy working in the hospital looks cute until you see him out in the real world. That’s “hospital hot” versus regular hot.

    That’s great that you have Spanish wines. You’ll need to organize a trip there soon!

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