First Vine Wine Topics

We here at First Vine can answer your perplexing wine questions!

Back before we started blogging, first vine was sending weekly e-mails with a recipe and a wine pairing.  And occasionally a discussion of a particular wine topic.  The more informational e-mails are now here on the blog as First Vine Wine Topics.  You can click that tab in the header, or find them directly through these links.

Aging Wine — how wine changes as it ages, how long you can store different styles of wine, what happens to wine that’s too old.

-Allergies and Sensitivities to Wine — some people have sensitivities to red wine and not white, so what’s causing it?  Many think it’s sulfites added to preserve the wine, but it’s probably not.

-All about Grenache — a bit of history and how it tastes in different countries/regions.

-All about Syrah — there are a lot of legends about Syrah, most of them unlikely (though entertaining).  Also the different styles of Syrah in different countries/regions.

-Anatomical Wine Terms — what are a wine’s “legs?” and do they mean anything?

-Aromas of wine — how a wine smells isn’t necessarily how it will taste.  But you can learn a lot about a wine from its “nose,” or aromas.

-Champagne–You go to my Head! — people claim that champagne makes them drunker than they would be drinking still wine.  Maybe so, but there are other potential explanations too.

-Champagne Gifts — why is champagne so expensive, and is it really worth it?  It’s not easy to make, very labor-intensive, and it’s done on (or under) some of the world’s most expensive real estate.

-Environmental Wines — most of the greenhouse gas/global warming emissions associated with wine comes from transporting the bottles.  So the method of transport really matters.  In some cases there are less greenhouse gas emissions getting a wine from France than from California.

-How do I choose a wine? — there are three parts to tasting a wine:  the very first sip, then after the wine warms up in your mouth, and then the finish.  If you figure out what you like in all of these, then you can ask for a wine you’re sure to like.

-Leftover Wine — if you’re not going to drink it very soon, what can you do with it?

-Naming Wines in France — most French wines aren’t named for the grape, but where they were made.  So what do all those words mean?

-Navigating the Restaurant Wine List — most restaurant wine lists have selections you’ve never heard of.  What that is, and why they cost so much.

-Pairing Wine & Food — looking at matching the intensity of flavor in wine and food is key.

-Professional Wine Reviews: What do they mean? — you have to get to know a wine reviewer’s tastes before you can decide whether to trust the reviews.  And a magazine’s endorsement doesn’t always mean what you think it does.

-Organic and Biodynamic Production of Wine — a little bit about wines that are supposedly closer to what nature intended than others, although that’s not necessarily true.

-Tannins & Wine — tannins are compounds found mostly in red wines that contribute to flavor but also allow the wine to age.  What they are and how they work.

-The Spine of Wine — when you hear people say that a wine has a spine or backbone, it’s usually about acidity.

-Wine & Eggs Pairing — some say that you can’t do it, but you really can.

-Wine & Health — there are a lot of health claims about wine.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a look at one of them.

-Wine and the Templars — the Knights Templar were particularly good organizers, and left their mark on winemaking too.

-Wine & Barbeque — don’t just reach for the Zinfandel!

-Your Wine Is on Us If You Make This Recipe — a recipe for Camembert Donuts that’s way over the top, but worth the trouble.

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