Occasional Cookbook Reviews: Recipe Rehab

Recipe Rehab is a food makeover TV show airing weekends on ABC.  Each week, a family asks for help lightening up a favorite recipe, and two Recipe Rehab chefs give it a go.  The family makes both recipes and picks a winner.  What makes the show fun is that these family recipes look great — no fast food here.  So the chefs have a real challenge to make something that tastes good but with less fat and calories than the original.

A companion cookbook was released last week, and Tom reviews it on Lauren DeSantis’s Capital Cooking blog.  The recipes mostly look good and seem easy to make, but the premise of the book — that you’ll be able to use these recipes as a guide to helping you remake your own family favorites — doesn’t really pan out.  Not because the recipes aren’t necessarily lower in fat and calories.  But the chefs had to cut out a lot to get the dishes below 500 calories, and what they cut is mostly the size of each portion.  Do that yourself and you might not need the book at all.

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