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You may have noticed the badge at the top of the column of links on the right of this page.  I learned last month that I was a finalist for a Millésima Wine Blog Award in the Wine and Technology category.  It sounds like a cliché, but it really was a thrill to be nominated.  Millésima is a fine wine merchant and they of course produce their own blog.  To be selected as a finalist as a fellow merchant made me really happy.  The post they selected for the finals was one on how winemakers in Portugal and France are trying to cope with the effects of global warming.  I especially like it because it combines ideas from my former and current professions:  environmental scientist and wine importer.

Millésima named five finalists in five categories, and on February 1 the five winners were announced.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

But there’s still a chance.  Millésima is offering a chance for one more winner among all the remaining finalists.  This time, rather than using a judging panel, they’re putting it to a popular vote.  So I’m asking for your help.

Please click here and select Wine and Technology – then you’ll see the four remaining blogs up for consideration.  Click on the circle for First Vine/Tom Natan, then enter some information, and submit.

Voting ends on February 10, 2019.  You can vote once per e-mail address that you enter. 

There is a nice prize for winners – a trip to Bordeaux to taste some of the world’s finest wines.  More important, though, is the increase in readers I’ve experienced from being named a finalist.  Winning the sixth spot would likely bring even more readers, and isn’t that the goal of everyone who blogs?  I hope you’ll help.  Thanks so much!




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