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Grandma knows best, and other tales of a family winery

  In February, I attended back-to-back wine shows in Lisbon, Portugal, and Montpellier, France.  I met a lot of winemakers and winery reps and tasted plenty of good wine.  I’ll probably end up buying from a few of them.  I … Continue reading

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Unlike grapes, truckers don’t just grow on trees (well, vines, but you know what I mean)

  Long time no blogging!  Those who noticed might have wondered what the silence was about. First, they don’t call it the summer doldrums for nothing.  Wine sales for First Vine slump in the summer and it doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Fungicides used most on wine grapes are one less thing to worry about, despite the numbers

Three years ago I wrote what has turned out to be my most-read blog post, a summary of a study on pesticides in French wine.  A French consumer protection organization, Que Choisir, tested around 100 French wines for 165 different … Continue reading

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Does wine shorten your life, or does life without it just seem longer?

I’ve read as many studies on alcohol and health as possible for the past decade-plus.  And also the media coverage that goes with them.  As I’ve mentioned before, wine studies are often big news.  And by the time the coverage … Continue reading

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Winemakers fight global warming with science and tradition

In my last post I mentioned some of the impacts of global warming on grape growers and winemakers, as told to me by winemakers at two European wine shows.  While extreme weather and shortened growing seasons were shared concerns, the … Continue reading

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Global warming from winemakers’ perspectives

I didn’t expect to be writing about global warming so soon again after my last post.  But I spent a week at wine shows talking to winemakers, so of course the subject came up.  It was a pleasure talking to … Continue reading

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Dateline Glasgow 2050: The Great Rhônes of Scotland

As 2017 drew to a close, it occurred to me that I had unconsciously been looking forward to 2018 as an important year for a very long time. After a boozy New Year’s Eve and a little recovery time, I … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season for (savory) cookies

The holiday season brings back remembrances of all sorts of foods.  One of my childhood memories is of making cheese ravioli on Christmas eve with my family, then storing them on baking sheets in the cold garage overnight to cook … Continue reading

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Swiping right or left in the wine world

I’ll get the travel bragging out of the way first:  I got invited as a guest to a wine show near Florence, Italy, to taste wines and have discussions with around 40 winemakers and/or winery reps. That’s one of the … Continue reading

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It’s enough to give you nightmares

I’ve noticed as I get older that I don’t sleep as well as I used to.  So I set aside time to listen to Dr. Matthew Walker’s interview on “Fresh Air.”  He’s the director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Human … Continue reading

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