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How do you solve a problem like the weather?

We’re having a ridiculous winter this year in DC.  This was what my phone told me today, March 8.  Seriously.  I can’t imagine how this won’t result in a summer full of mosquitoes, no matter what the temperature.  The weather … Continue reading

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How identical are individual bottles of the same wine?

You may have guessed by now that I love reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows.  Learning from others’ experiences is always a treat for me.  But the one thing I have to say that’s missing from nearly all of them … Continue reading

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Out in the wine industry

Wednesday, October 11, was the 28th annual National Coming Out Day.   As I was reading NCOD posts on Facebook, it occurred to me that I don’t know very many other LGBT people in the wine business, or who write about … Continue reading

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The divide between wine industry and citizen bloggers

A note before you read this post:  I spent months thinking about it on and off.  And after I first wrote it, I shared it with my husband, a journalist friend, and a couple of wine bloggers.  I’ve never showed … Continue reading

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More on craft beer vs. wine

I’ve written a couple of posts about craft beer over the past few months, and you’d probably thought I’d put it to bed. After all, this is a blog about wine…But a couple of things happened that made me think … Continue reading

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#TempranilloDay — the latest wine hashtag holiday

I learned just yesterday that Thursday, November 13, 2014, is International Tempranillo Day. What? You didn’t get the memo either? As you’ll recall, I also learned about Champagne Day and Languedoc Day only a couple of days before they first … Continue reading

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First Vine News Roundup

As you’ve been reading our musings on girl scout cookies and “perfect” wine pairings, you’ve no doubt been wondering, “What’s up with First Vine anyway?”  We assume you meant that in a good way, of course, and there’s plenty going … Continue reading

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Ma in Ispagna son già…tre!**

Back in March I told you about attending the Spanish food and wine trade show in Valladolid and raved about the food there.  I promised I’d talk about some of the wines I’d tasted, thinking I’d get the wines I … Continue reading

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