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Order up!

August is a slow month for wine orders for First Vine.  Many customers seem to prefer beer and cocktails in hot weather.  And it’s certainly hot – we broke 100 degrees about two weeks ago.  Also, people go away.  While … Continue reading

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Eat at the restaurant, but don’t necessarily buy the cookbook

Spending time interviewing authors of some of my favorite cookbooks has made me think a lot about cookbooks in general.  Why do I like some and not others?  I asked a bunch of friends about books they enjoy and cook … Continue reading

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What a difference a font makes

I’ve written before about evolving styles in wine labels – from parchment with Olde Worlde calligraphy, to the endless etchings of farmhouses and vineyards, through minimalism, and now to something more representative of the winemakers’ philosophies.  But I got reminded … Continue reading

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My secret wine crush

Often when I’m leading tastings people ask me what wines I like to drink.  Of course, I’m tempted to point to one of the wines I’m pouring.  That’s what sales are about, after all!  But depending on who’s asking I … Continue reading

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Cookbook author wine talk with Rose Levy Beranbaum

If you’re a person who likes to bake, even a little, you will have made a recipe created, inspired, or improved by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  Even if you’re not using one of her books.  Nearly every baking or dessert cookbook … Continue reading

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Question authority — your wine authority, anyway

How can it be that Thanksgiving is next week? I walked out of the house in a t-shirt two days ago and was still a little warm. But the calendar tells us that it’s true. And of course, the number … Continue reading

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A drink for gods and man

Cy and I are just back from a trip to Spain and Portugal:  part wine business, part vacation. I’ll be writing about the wines in future posts, but even our “vacation” parts weren’t wine-free, as you can imagine, and the … Continue reading

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Resolution-ary news

“OMFG: Science Says a Glass of Red Wine May Be Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym,” read a post on the American Wine Consumers Coalition (AWCC) Facebook page. It was referring to an article by Ashley Fern that appeared … Continue reading

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Are big food and wine flavors ruining our palates?

A few weeks ago, I listened to an interview that “The Splendid Table’s” Lynne Rosetto Kasper did with Kate Krader, restaurant editor of Food and Wine magazine. Krader had written an article wondering if the trend toward really big flavors … Continue reading

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Our wine is better than your water

[Update: I learned today that while my translation is literally correct, the photo to the left is actually a very clever play on words. First, the “water” is real bottled water that’s produced in Sainte Cécile les Vignes, which is … Continue reading

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