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Any excuse for a #hashtagholiday

On January 9, 2000, my now-husband Cy and I had our first date.  Little did we know that 15 years later, January 9 would also be claimed as National Cassoulet Day – presumably gaining a little more attention than we … Continue reading

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Question authority — your wine authority, anyway

How can it be that Thanksgiving is next week? I walked out of the house in a t-shirt two days ago and was still a little warm. But the calendar tells us that it’s true. And of course, the number … Continue reading

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Another -cide of the issue

I’ve been gearing up to write about a 2013 study measuring pesticide residues in French wines for a while now. Part of the issue is that while the data are straightforward — they’re just measurements — the interpretation isn’t necessarily. … Continue reading

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Crafting a way to emphasize craft in winemaking

Are you a wine drinker who is turning more and more to craft beers in restaurants instead of wine? If so, you’re worrying the wine industry.  (We’re pretty sure you didn’t mean to, but what can we say — we’re … Continue reading

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Seven years of sulfites — time for Botox?

Just about this week seven years ago, Dare and I started sending a weekly e-mail that morphed into a blog in July 2009. After 72 e-mails and 224 blog posts, it seems like a good time to look back on … Continue reading

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It’s organic because *I* say it is

Right after new year’s day Cy and I went to dinner with friends at a really good DC restaurant.   The food was excellent and it had a great 200+ bottle wine list.  But what most intrigued me was that every … Continue reading

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Let us give thanks for rosés this November 28th

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings family and friends together.  Everyone tries to put differences aside and think of the things for which he or she is grateful and bask in good company. Those differences don’t have to be political … Continue reading

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