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A Belated St Patrick’s Day

So maybe you bought the cabbage but never got around to the whole corned beef , cabbage and potatoes thing.  And that head of cabbage is still sitting in your produce drawer (taking up a ton of space I might … Continue reading

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Fast Comfort

Our friend Sue at the blog Food Network Musings invited us to participate in an online food bloggers’ event today to benefit those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  We are all sharing a recipe for a comfort food dish , … Continue reading

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Vintage First Vine

I was recently banging around for a meatloaf recipe, when I remembered we’d published a great one, way back in one of our earliest newsletters.  Clicking back through the files, I found it.  Realized it was in our very first … Continue reading

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A New Discovery at the Grocery Store

I generally don’t spend much time poking around the frozen food aisle at the grocery store but maybe I ought to start. Last week, I discovered 16 oz packages of frozen black eyed peas.  I LOVE black eyed peas, in … Continue reading

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Is this the world’s happiest man?

One of the things I’ve discovered in the wine importing business is that winemakers aren’t like most of us.  I mean, I know people who like their jobs, and some who will even say they like them a lot.  But … Continue reading

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Can The Can

Opening a can of soup and calling it dinner is tacky and depressing. There, I’ve said it. Yes, there are low sodium, increased vegetable, “like homemade,” etc.  But considering how fast and easy it really is to make soup from … Continue reading

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Goodbye to All That …

Prohibition in the United States came to a screeching halt on December 5, 1933.   The repeal of Prohibition was accomplished when Franklin Roosevelt ratified the Twenty-first Amendment which, while lifting the absolute ban on the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol, … Continue reading

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