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If you’re name-calling, it’s Mr. Snob, thank you

My wine blogger friend Jon Thorsen has written a book. I’ll be reviewing Reverse Wine Snob: How to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank in a couple of weeks. Spoiler alert, I enjoyed it. But the book … Continue reading

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A Cool Idea for Leftover Pasta

Usually when we have pasta left over we’ll make a baked pasta dish by layering the cooked pasta in a baking dish with marinara sauce, cottage or ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and whatever cooked vegetables or meat we have on hand.  … Continue reading

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A Belated St Patrick’s Day

So maybe you bought the cabbage but never got around to the whole corned beef , cabbage and potatoes thing.  And that head of cabbage is still sitting in your produce drawer (taking up a ton of space I might … Continue reading

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Fast Comfort

Our friend Sue at the blog Food Network Musings invited us to participate in an online food bloggers’ event today to benefit those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  We are all sharing a recipe for a comfort food dish , … Continue reading

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The Real Showdown: Sweet Potatoes vs Yams

Sorry.  It’s not Republicans vs Democrats or even boxers vs briefs …  it’s sweet potatoes vs yams!  Do you know the difference?  It’s confusing, I know, when they are even mislabeled at the grocery store.  But, trust me, a sweet potato … Continue reading

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Vintage First Vine

I was recently banging around for a meatloaf recipe, when I remembered we’d published a great one, way back in one of our earliest newsletters.  Clicking back through the files, I found it.  Realized it was in our very first … Continue reading

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A New Discovery at the Grocery Store

I generally don’t spend much time poking around the frozen food aisle at the grocery store but maybe I ought to start. Last week, I discovered 16 oz packages of frozen black eyed peas.  I LOVE black eyed peas, in … Continue reading

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What would Andrew Jackson drink? Reflections on the $20 price barrier

A few weeks ago, Washington Post wine critic Dave McIntyre wrote a blog post looking back on something he wrote about Virginia wines six years earlier.  A sort of “What’s happened since I wrote this,” and he’s happy with the … Continue reading

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What do wine writers buy when they’re not drinking for free?

If you gave a party over the holidays, you probably got a lot of wine as host gifts.  We did too.  We love it when people want to share something they like with us.  It gives us a chance to … Continue reading

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Don’t Go There

I’m deeply suspicious of Trader Joe’s and suspect I’m not the only one who is. Beyond the annoying and incoherent theme thing, TJ’s raises other troubling questions: Why do the bran muffins smell and taste like Barbie dolls (seriously.  Try their … Continue reading

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