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Cookbook author wine talk with Lucinda Scala Quinn

I first saw Lucinda Scala Quinn on the Martha Stewart-produced PBS cooking show “Everyday Food.”  The show, with short segments each featuring a different person – all of them working for Stewart’s company and all making good food – is … Continue reading

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What a difference a font makes

I’ve written before about evolving styles in wine labels – from parchment with Olde Worlde calligraphy, to the endless etchings of farmhouses and vineyards, through minimalism, and now to something more representative of the winemakers’ philosophies.  But I got reminded … Continue reading

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The divide between wine industry and citizen bloggers

A note before you read this post:  I spent months thinking about it on and off.  And after I first wrote it, I shared it with my husband, a journalist friend, and a couple of wine bloggers.  I’ve never showed … Continue reading

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Woman of La Mancha

There’s no way to put this so that it doesn’t seem like I’m rubbing it in, so I’m just going to say it. While y’all were enjoying the last residue of winter over here, the wine gods smiled upon me … Continue reading

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Wine’s future — not just more Pinot Noir

I want to dial things back a little after last week’s craft beer lecture/worry session. It’s true that craft beer is expanding from a niche market to something a lot more mainstream. But the wine industry isn’t going to disappear … Continue reading

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Gadgetry — winery edition

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a winery, my guess is that you’ve been thinking about all those photos of sunsets over the vineyards. Or the glow of low light on rows and rows of oak barrels with just a … Continue reading

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Eat, drink (wine) and be very merry

During the holiday season, we’re drinking more. At the same time, though, we’re eating more and exercising less. Everyone’s fervent wish is that the drinking will help compensate for the other two unfortunate trends. And for the past 20 years … Continue reading

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Reducing drinking by reducing smoking — a policy tool?

If people smoke less, do they drink less too? And if so, can public policies designed to reduce smoking also reduce alcohol consumption? In Tuesday’s Washington Post, reporter Christopher Ingraham discussed a Washington University School of Medicine study showing that … Continue reading

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Trick yourself into drinking less wine?

In Tuesday’s Washington Post, reporter Nancy Szokan recounted some weight-loss tips she found in Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life, a new book by Brian Wansink. Unfortunately for First Vine, drinking less wine is part of it. … Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself wine tasting where bicycles grow on trees

It’s Tour de France time again!  On Sunday, July 14, the racers departed from Givors, just south of Lyon, and ended the 15th Stage at the top of Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse, riding 242.5 km.  Monday was a rest … Continue reading

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