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Why is wine jargon “pretentious” but sports jargon isn’t?

I recently was asked to review a book about wine.  It’s actually a good one, and I’ll be blogging about it soon.  But something on the back cover — which I read after I’d already read through the book and … Continue reading

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A family history in paper and stone — and now, wine

Making wine is often a family business.  For a lot of First Vine’s producers, the vineyards and wineries have been in the family for a century or more.   And something about growing up growing grapes and making wine seems to … Continue reading

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Fig Cake for Early Fall

We are lucky here in the mid-Atlantic area to have an abundance of backyard fig trees with figs that are ripening up about now.  As you probably know they all come at one time, so if you’re anything like us, you’re … Continue reading

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A Cool Idea for Leftover Pasta

Usually when we have pasta left over we’ll make a baked pasta dish by layering the cooked pasta in a baking dish with marinara sauce, cottage or ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and whatever cooked vegetables or meat we have on hand.  … Continue reading

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Historic preservation through winemaking

I have to admit that I get to see a lot of beautiful places as a wine importer.  People don’t go on reverently about the South of France for nothing, after all.  For most of first vine’s producers in the … Continue reading

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A Belated St Patrick’s Day

So maybe you bought the cabbage but never got around to the whole corned beef , cabbage and potatoes thing.  And that head of cabbage is still sitting in your produce drawer (taking up a ton of space I might … Continue reading

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Wine Heaven – on The Hill

Tom is the managing partner of First Vine; he runs the day to day operations and selects all of our fabulous wines. I’m involved more on an “as needed” basis; I’m a Washington DC Realtor in my other life. The … Continue reading

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Fast Comfort

Our friend Sue at the blog Food Network Musings invited us to participate in an online food bloggers’ event today to benefit those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  We are all sharing a recipe for a comfort food dish , … Continue reading

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In Vino Veritas, but Does that Truth Equal Beauty?

Although one of the purposes of this blog is to showcase First Vine, our wine business, we didn’t call the blog First Vine, but named it Vine Art.   We liked the name not only because we think there is an … Continue reading

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The Real Showdown: Sweet Potatoes vs Yams

Sorry.  It’s not Republicans vs Democrats or even boxers vs briefs …  it’s sweet potatoes vs yams!  Do you know the difference?  It’s confusing, I know, when they are even mislabeled at the grocery store.  But, trust me, a sweet potato … Continue reading

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